2021 - The Year For Embracing Changes

So here we are in 2021... what a year 2020 was! I feel that if 2020 taught us anything it was to not wait for things but to go and grab what you want when you can...and that includes your perfect home.

2020 was the year for spending time in your home and if you didn’t like your surroundings then things were looking bleak! So many people took all the extra time at home to revamp their homes or build that zen room that you always wanted and now need! However although we all spent time revamping I think it’s important to keep the HOME LOVE train going. That’s why I especially love seasonal decor. You can revamp your home without doing the whole house. Just a couple of choice changes such as cushions, mats, throws or even by adding some themed decor on the mantelpiece.

I have ’what I call’ a decor tree in our entrance hall that I decorate with the seasons, it’s a fun and quick way to add something different to a space and a great talker for guests entering (not that we have any guests these days!)

So keep looking for ways to keep your home looking fresh and new and loving your surroundings. With spending so much time at home we all deserve to love our safe space.

Have a look at the seasonal page for Valentines, Easter and Spring decor to give your house a quick and easy spruce up and refresh!

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