05  interior styling




The initial consultation will be an opportunity to explore your needs be it room flow, decor or a full refurbishment.


We will discuss your current interior and what you want to achieve moving forward. 


Having listened and worked from the consultation we then have the chance to go through personalised mood boards and designs.


We will take time to work together and ensure my vision and design is reflecting what you want from your home. 

The transformation begins here... after agreeing on final visions we then start implementing the personalised design.


This can be done through supplier lists and virtual advisory or through in home placement. 

06 pricing 

Please note -  services can be done virtually or face to face where possible. 

E-Brief Service 

  • 30 Minute Initial E-Consultation

  • 60 Minute E-Brief 

  • PDF Personalised Mood Board

  • Room Flow Advice

  • Colour Palettes Advice

  • Decor Advice 


Room Collaboration

  • 60 Minute Initial Consultation on one Room

  • 120 Minute Brief 

  • PDF Personalised Mood Board

  • Lighting Advice

  • Room Flow Advice

  • Colour Palettes Advice

  • Decor Advice 

  • Supplier List

  • At Home Placements (where possible)


Full  Refurbishment

  • Initial Consultation on Site (where possible)

  • Brief on Site (where possible)

  • PDF Personalised Mood Boards

  • Lighting Advice

  • Room Flow 

  • Colour Palettes

  • Decor Advice 

  • Joint Supplier Meetings 

  • Supplier Lists

  • 2D Plan Layouts

  • Project Management

  • At Home Placements (where possible)

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*Please note - prices are not reflective of decor or furniture  purchases, or works that are needed to be carried out. Any further services needed beyond the package timings will be charged by the hour at a rate of £120. Prices do not include VAT.