07  staging


Private Property

Property Development


Often a property will struggle to get the right price point and sell within the desired time frame resulting in a knock on effect on future property purchases. 

I am able to assess your property for room layout, flow and decor and make relevant changes to bring out the best market look for your property. 

Working with Property Developers, Estate Agents and Rentals  I am able to put a full staged property in front of prospective clients.


Researching the local market and price points I will make sure the property has a style to reflect its best market price and attract the right potential clients for that location. 

Working closely with the business owner from the start I review a business's needs and reflect that in the space. 


With advice on spacial flow and colour palettes as well as commercial layout and decor I am able to design a space that is unique to the business owner.  


08  services & pricing 

  • Initial Consultation on Site (where possible)

  • Brief on Site (where possible)

  • PDF Personalised Mood Boards

  • Lighting Advice

  • Room Flow 

  • Colour Palettes

  • Decor Advice 

  • Joint Supplier Meetings (where possible)

  • Supplier Lists

  • 2D Plan Layouts

  • Project Management

  • On site placements (where possible)

  • Furniture and Decor Loan (where possible)

  • Property Market Analysis 

All prices are project reflective and estimates are given after an initial consultation. 

Prices are not reflective of decor or furniture  purchases, works that are needed to be carried out or VAT.